As the summer winds down, one of the hardest things can be establishing a routine again in time for school. Buying new clothes and school supplies seems like the easy part when it comes to creating a sleep schedule, managing homework and many other tasks that school comes along with. These tips will help you and your child breeze right into the school year and come out on top!

  1. Creating a routine chart with your child may also help the summer to school process run a little more smoothly. Ask your child what the first thing they want to do when they come home from school is (i.e. homework, snack, playing outside), this way your child can feel that independence by choosing what order they are accomplishing their tasks in and ensures that they will be completed. This also helps children set aside a specific time for homework and will help them start a successful school year!
  2. Create a “Homework Calendar” by your child’s normal homework spot with the dates that assignments are set to be due. This way they are made aware of what needs to get done and can see the upcoming assignments readily.
  3. Setting aside a designated place for kids to put their coats, backpacks and lunchboxes each morning and afternoon can also help establish consistency so you can avoid those last minute morning scrambles. Setting out school supplies, clothes and extracurricular supplies also makes for an easier morning.
  4. Set aside a specific time for breakfast each day. They’ll be more alert and focused if they go to school with enough nutrients to get them through the day.
  5. Pack your child snacks during the day. Snacking is not bad for young kids as they have small tummies that need to constantly be provided with nutrients that are sometimes not received through regular meals alone. Avoid soda drinks and salty, packaged foods. Instead provide fruits and veggies instead.
  6. Lastly, and one of the most important tips, is establishing a regular sleep schedule.

One of the hardest parts of heading from summer to school is the sleep schedule. Going from endless summer nights to a schedule can alter our behavior, mood, weight, growth and many more things. It is important to develop a strong sleep schedule in kids before heading back to school. Busy schedules, unenforced bedtimes, electronic usage and homework can lead to a lack of sleep. It is important to stay on top of these tasks so that your child can get the recommended amount of sleep each night. Electronics should be kept out of the bedroom as it is not good for your brain or sleep cycle to be looking at a screen right before bed. Try reading a story, writing in a journal or listening to soft music instead. Getting enough sleep is extremely important for both children and adults as it is a time for our body to repair itself and our brain to rest in order to preform well for a day at school!

How much sleep should your child be getting?



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