Caffeine – When and How to Use It

Caffeine is arguably the most robust and popular self-administered drug known to man, with almost 90% of North Americans consuming some form of it regularly. Most people aren’t harmed by moderate doses of caffeine-say 200-300 milligrams, or about two to three cups of brewed coffee a day. But it should be consumed in the morning hours to give the drug time to clear your system before bedtime. Remember, with a half-life of six hours, caffeine lingers in your body all day and into the night if you’ve had an afternoon pick-me-up.

Reliance on caffeine can lead to a vicious cycle of disturbed sleep. Disturbed sleep leads to sleepiness and then to the consumption of more caffeine, which in turn can lead to more disturbed sleep. Poor sleep often leads to poor eating habits which may lead to weight gain.