With the hustle and bustle of work, school, and activities, it can be hard to make reading with your child a priority. Early literacy is so crucial to children’s development. Ensuring that as a parent you are spending time taking, reading and singing or rhyming with your child can put them at a serious developmental advantage and set the tone for success throughout their whole life.

  1. Talk with your child
    • The more vocabulary your child is presented with on a daily basis, the more familiar they can become. It is important to not avoid difficult or unusual words in your own speech, as it prompts discussion and learning as you explain what they mean.
  2. Read with your child
    • One of the most important activities a parent an child can do together is read aloud. Snuggling while reading also assists in brain development and bonding. Finding stories on subjects that your child is interested in will increase their desire and frequency of reading. Make at least 20 minutes a day of reading together a priority.
  3. Sing and rhyme
    • It doesn’t have to make sense to be beneficial! Whether in the car or out on a walk, finding an object and rhyming or making up songs about it helps your child learn to deconstruct words, and create associations.




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