It gives me great pride to share with you examples of how each of you is positively impacting our customers’ lives.  Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCare staff and providers at BMC.  Keep up the great work!

We are so thankful for the Pediatric Doctors and their staff, every time we call they are all so kind and that means the world to me.  Last month we saw Dr. Warton and she was amazing, so caring and loving to my babies.  Kristen Dahmer, Jillian Daniels, and Diana Schaan are also the Best! And of course, we love Dr. Mills.  Thank you all for giving 100% to our little people and the best advice to moms when we need your help.

“Thank you Laurie Rice, we so appreciate your wonderful care of ALL of us.”

I want to thank Dr. Arrington, Jessica Mortensen and Lydia Pease for the wonderful care they have given me over this last year.  Out of all the medical people that have taken care of me, they have been the best.  No matter what my problem is they help me get it taken care of.  I just wanted to say thank you for being the best medical staff one could ask for.


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