Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCare staff and providers are delivering at Bend Memorial Clinic. These compliments come from our customers and staff.

Amy DeLoughrey was very friendly, helpful, and happy. I was thanked for my patience.

Dr. Warlick and Ellen Jakab are absolutely grade A! They really really care and he is handsome!

Patient called and left a phone message stating that he had “probably the best experience he has ever had in an ER/Urgent Care set up”. He stated the “check in process was quick; the lady was nice and helpful, the doctor, Dr. Ann Clemenswas fantastic as was the nurse working with her.”

BMC Financial Aid – Thank you kindly for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated by our family. I can assure you as times improve; I will continue to support and assist BMC.

A patient wanted to relay a compliment regarding her Ultrasound (through Imaging) she had done today, she stated that Melissa Nieto was very exceptional, very professional and very thorough.

A patient called and wanted to say, “thank you for all the wonderful care Casey Osborne-Rodhouse provided me with – she really spent a lot of time with me, and I feel so much better today because of her. – in just one day, I feel so much better, keep doing what you’re doing.”

I injured my shoulder in Stella, WA and wanted to see a doctor and get the x-rays locally. We made it down to the Redmond BMC before they closed. Considering I was in pain the whole experience was still top notch. When Dr. Simning asked what I did, I told him I worked for Cardinal Health. It was nice to hear him comment on how he likes the Tru-Blu exam gloves. Anyway I thought it would be nice for you to know that I had a good experience considering my physical condition at the time.

I just received a call from the mother of 2 children. She just wanted to say that this was the first time she has brought her kids here to BMC and she was blown away. She said that they saw Dr. Warton and her nurse Diana Schaan and wanted to let us know that they were both “top notch” and she will definitely be referring others to us. I told her I would be sure to pass it on.


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