It gives me great pride to share with you examples of how each of you is positively impacting our customers’ lives.  Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCareTM staff and providers at BMC.  Keep up the great work!

  • Tanya Searcy in Patient Financial Services immediately grasped my question and provided answers in an efficient and clear manner. She was pleasant and clearly explained the data she provided me.”
  • I received a very grateful call this morning from a mom of a patient. She was very tearful as she told me how wonderful BMC , Jay O’Brien and Jamie Miller were to her child and whole family. She stated that her family has been thinking about moving to the Bend area for some time, and that we made them feel so welcome, even with as big of an organization as we are. She said the entire experience was amazing (crying at this point,) and she couldn’t have asked for more efficient and professional care.
  • “We have been patients since 2005 and have received outstanding care from Dr. Oppenheimer and her staff Kristin Fadness and Liz Neil.  Dr. Oppenheimer is always focused on us during the appointments, is a good listener, delivers candid assessments, answers all our questions and is peerless in her diagnostic skills.  When we leave, we feel like her treatment plan for us would be the same if we were close relatives – we trust her.  Liz and Kristen are always pleasant and help manage her appointment schedule really well.  We feel privileged to receive such quality care and wanted to share that with you.”
  • “Thank you Dr. Peters and your staff very much for the excellent services you provide to us sun-drenched ex-Californians!  I appreciated your kindness and the graciousness of your staff.  You all made a rather grueling experience almost enjoyable!”
  • Ashley Himler is so helpful, always willing to go out of her way to make my visits more pleasant.”
  • “Thanks so much to Summer Burkhardt for calling me yesterday to follow up and see how I was feeling.  It really meant a lot and you don’t see that much anymore.”
  • A patient called saying how impressed she was with Angel Sellers.  She said that it was the “first time that she felt like she wasn’t just an insurance #” she also said “I’ve been in Customer Service for a long time and Angel, hands down, has the BEST Customer Service I have ever experienced.”  She added that Angel had compassion and wanted to know if she could buy Angel a coffee when she comes in for her appointment.”



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