Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCare staff and providers are delivering at Bend Memorial Clinic. These compliments come from our customers and staff.

“I want to extend my gratitude for the remarkable care that my son has received from his PCP, John Teller MD. I have never had such complete follow-up in care and attention to both the physical needs and mundane operational hurdles. Beyond the physical health acumen that Dr. Teller provides my son, a recent incident exemplifies what is right with the operation of his practice. Recently, on the eve of an appt to OHSU, Dr Teller called to confirm with me that the specialist office had all of my son’s chart notes including the most recent blood panel result. The following morning while in the hurried specialist appointment, the physician suggested a full blood panel workup since we didn’t have one in the charts. I was able to redirect him to look again since our PCP had told me just the night before that all lab results had been forwarded. And after a quick trip to the front desk, the specialist came back not only with the full lab results, but the ensuing conversation was altered due to those results. If only all primary care practices followed such operational efficiencies, we would definitely have fewer redundancies in services and for what it’s worth, Dr Teller’s approach empowers me as a consumer to “purchase” wisely. I cannot sufficiently express just how impressed I am with his high quality of follow-through. A+ practice!”

“I want to let you know that Dr. CarrollDr. AntolakDr. Massine, and Eric Craven, RD, LD, are such a blessing and wonderful. They are caring and so knowledgeable; they helped me when no one else did. You have awesome doctors, staff and clinic. Bless all of you.”

“A patient recently told our greeters that she has been coming to BMC since 1945 and is very happy with the changes she has seen over the years. She noted that the employees here are very kind and friendly.”

“My son’s wife brought him to Urgent Care, following a serious auto accident. Jay O’Brien PA was excellent and realized, after thorough examination, that he was OK physically, but that he was lucky to be alive and he advised my son that he should seek help for his drinking problem. The combination of the accident itself and Jay’s insightful and perceptive treatment acted as an intervention and honest introspection by my son and led directly to him being placed – only 3 days later – in an in-patient substance abuse program. I was able to thank Jay personally and would like BMC to know how much I (and his wife) appreciate Jay’s treatment and caring.”

“Thank you for providing us with such a professional and courteous staff at your clinic. My wife was pretty ill and your staff and Dr. Ponte made us feel very confident in the care my wife received. Thank you.”

“Promptly referred through St Charles ER to Dr. Cantor for unscheduled EGD. Problem (thankfully) resolved. Great response, professional and courteous encounter.

“Larry Brady (Blink Optical) was excellent and very professional. He explained everything and was very meticulous to see that things were done correctly. He is a great addition to your staff and the type of employee BMC can be proud of. We will definitely use Blink from now on because of him. Thanks so much.”


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