It gives me great pride to share with you examples of how each of you is positively impacting our customers’ lives.  Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCareTM staff and providers at BMC.  Keep up the great work!

• From Dr Peters – “Just a quick note to let you know of my gratitude to the BMC staff at the Blink optical shop (eastside location). Nancy Magsaysay and Larry Brady were especially helpful yesterday, when my operating telescopes (my loupes) “threw a shoe” (lost a silicone nose pad, which let the metal foot dig into my nose, and made the optics sit askew, out of alignment with my line of sight, and therefore, unusable). They expedited a repair at light speed at about noon on Thursday, despite the fact that they were obviously very busy at the time. This allowed me to continue to provide care for our patients, without delay or interruption. While I was there, Teresa Hood, who was highly efficient and very friendly, booked me an appointment for my next eye exam with Dr. Fitzsimmons,also in the “blink of an eye”.

• “With so much negativity aimed at the health care industry, I felt a positive comment regarding your facility was in order.  On a day prior to leaving home for a vacation, I realized I might be too sick to travel. A family member suggested I come to your facility. No more than 10 minutes had gone by when I was seen bySarah Huegel RN and Sean Suttle PA. They were responsive to my needs, dedicated, caring and didn’t rush me out.  A heartfelt thank you goes to Sara and Sean for the fine job they do.”

• “Dr. Jacobs, thank you for taking such good care of my husband.  You have such a great bed side manner; we are very fortunate to be treated by you.”

• “My family and I would like to express our sincere thank you to Dr. Jacobs, AJ Schwarz and Jennifer Geisen for their caring professional way of dealing with a kidney stone issue.  You are all the best – hugs!”

• “Jen Smith and Jill Diego, thank you for taking such good care of my husband.  You are the angels caring for people who really need your help and compassion.”

• “I just wanted to send you an email before I leave for the day and say what an outstanding job Dr. Clemens has done by herself today.  She has seen almost 30 patients and has seen every symptom under the sun.  Considering it is not even 3:00 yet, this is impressive!”

• “Today was my first day working at home.  I wanted to you know how helpful your IS team was for me today, when I could not access ABRA on my work computer at home. Eric Covert assisted me in setting up the VPN and resolving my router issues.   Vanessa Nilles was a huge help this afternoon, in removing the old version and ABRA and getting the new version set up. Thanks again!!”


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