Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCare staff and providers are delivering at Bend Memorial Clinic. These compliments come from our customers and staff.

“I just wanted to let you know how great the employees of BMC are. In the last month, I have had the opportunity to visit numerous medical facilities around central Oregon. All the departments at BMC are by far the most genuine and caring of any of the medical facilities in town. I started with Urgent Care then on to X-rayRheumatology, Infusion and Infectious Disease. All the doctors, nurses and front desk staff where wonderful! I especially wanted to thank Dr. Lutz and his nurse Jean Dietrich. Jean is always available to answer my questions, change my appointments and console me when things are overwhelming. Dr. Lutz is willing to answer all questions and totally on top of my medical care. You can definitely tell that the employees of BMC are happy in their jobs and enjoy helping the public.”

Dr. Warlick and Ellen Jakab are wonderful-awesome-if all Dr. (and nurses) could be like them the world would be a better place!!!”

“Today Flora Bates went beyond the call of duty and got me printed results from medical records. Thank you Flora.”

“I always get service with Dr. Maloney and her nurse Sharon Berg. They are great and want to make sure that I get the right treatment. I also want to thank Jan Wells at the front desk; she is the most helpful person there that I have met. I hope you keep her for a long time. She is as important as the Dr. Thank you”

“Dr. Garrett, I am so lucky to have a doctor as outstanding and caring as you. You are a very special doctor and I appreciate all you have done, many, many thank you’ s.”

“I called your billing department earlier today and got ahold of a young man named Michael Siemens and I just wanted to let you know that he really did a wonderful job helping me out and answering my questions and to my total satisfaction and he was very pleasant and courteous on the phone. So I thank you for having such a wonderful employee.”

“Just stopped by to thank Dr. Wendel for being so nice and helpful to my husband and myself. Both Dr. Wendel and Jennifer Smith were awesome and spent so much time making us comfortable and explaining my situation. I am feeling so much better and I very much appreciate the good and quick care when I was feeling so lousy. You made a difficult situation bearable. Bless you and please extend my thanks to any other staff I may have forgotten in your area.”

I received a note stating “Thank you for so promptly replacing the tattered American Flag.  Much Appreciated!” Good job Facilities Team.

“I wanted BMC to know that I am very pleased with my medical team of Dr. Charlotte Lin and nurse Sonya Staten.  Dr. Lin is very thorough, caring, and provides practical and common sense medical care. Sonya is most personable and always helps with personal questions and prescription orders.  You would not have to toot your own horn if everything at BMC was as effective as the Charlotte/Sonya team.”

Dr. Lin, I want to thank you for making my “introductory” visit to see you so positive.  I was worried about finding a new doctor but your respect for me as a person, your thoroughness as a physician and your caring and professional manner was very comforting. You took your time; you answered my three major questions and you followed up after our visit by reading my chart and noticing a test that I should have, I was very impressed.  I said quite happily to my spouse, “I have found my new doctor.”  Thank you.”

Dr. Beard, I will never forget you and what you did for me.  It is almost 18 months since my horrible accident and in August, I was able to walk with my team in the Cascade Lakes Relay.  Thank you for all you did for me.”

“I just wanted to say that Casey Osborne-Rodhouse did a great job when I was in here about six months ago… we’ve seen her a few times, and really appreciate her. She just did a great job – Thanks for all that you do!!!”

I would like to commend Dr. Parker for his quick assessment of my mother’s medical history, his unique ability to communicate when helping her to understand what needs to be done and why and his amazing ability to rapidly deploy multiple tools at his disposal.  Accolades, as well to Dr. Harris’ nurse, Elece Nichols who has been instrumental and timely in communicating with us and coordinating Dr. Parker’s equipment requests.  What inspired me to write is that I find Dr. Parker to be a doctor who patiently takes the time to peel back the layers and find the underlying cause of issues so we can resolve the issues in a manner to the best of our ability.  He has pleasantly endured our family members’ questions and included us in what I would consider to be a comprehensive “team approach” for my mother’s care. I hope he is highly encouraged to remain a member of BMC so our community can continue to benefit from his medical expertise and uniquely effective communication style.”

“Dr. Garrett, You have shown competence and compassion in your work with my husband, children, and myself for the last 21 years.  I am so grateful that we developed a doctor/patient relationship based on trust, support, education and deep respect. I offer you a “bow” in thankfulness, honoring our journey as physician and patient.”


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