Christie Halter, FNP, MS, CNM

Christie Halter, FNP, MS, CNM, is a member of Summit Health’s family medicine team. She received her undergraduate degree from Clemson University, in South Carolina, and earned an advanced-level, postgraduate Master of Science degree in infectious diseases, from the University of Georgia. Ms. Halter earned both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Nursing and Nurse Midwifery from Emory University in Georgia.

Ms. Halter’s inspiration to enter the medical field came to her while working with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia. “I realized how nursing is the perfect combination of service, science and lifelong learning,” says Ms. Halter. “Providing health care to people from all walks of life was and always will be my aim.”

As a midwife for over six years, Ms. Halter’s experience includes attending deliveries, addressing women’s gynecologic and reproductive health care, contraception, hormonal issues and menopause transitions.  In the last three years, she has expanded her service to providing primary care to people living with HIV/AIDS., “This experience has fine-tuned my skills in providing care to patients living with complex medical issues,” Ms. Halter states. “Populations I’ve cared for in this context include family units, women, men, and individuals identifying in the LGBTQ community.”

Her philosophy is to create true partnership with her patients. Providing a safe and nonjudgmental space for patients to address their health care needs, while continuing to learn and expand as a provider. She believes in helping patients develop health goals and the path to achieve them utilizing evidence-based practices.

Outside of her career, Ms. Halter enjoys running, walking the dogs with her husband, hiking, yoga, reading, gardening, learning about new environments and ways to decrease her environmental impact. She also enjoys playing music (piano, banjo, guitar and sometimes even the tambourine).

Christie Halter
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