Emily J. Messmer, FNP-C

Emily J. Messmer, FNP, received her undergraduate degree from Western Kentucky University and obtained her BSN and MSN-FNP from the University of Colorado at Denver – School of Nursing. She is a board-certified nurse practitioner.

Ms. Messmer comes from a family of health care providers; family members include a veterinarian, a nurse, a pharmacist and a dentist. Initially, Ms. Messmer sought out to become a lawyer, attending law school at Denver University. She quickly realized becoming a lawyer was not the path for her as she too wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, where should could make a difference in society by helping others and continually expand her education.

The fast-paced, ever-changing environment of family practice appeals to Ms. Messmer. Not only does she value being able to diagnose a variety of illnesses throughout the day, she enjoys being an advocate for men, women and children throughout their entire life span. She strives to make all her patients feel safe, welcome and cared for no matter their age, sexual orientation or health history, so that they are comfortable talking with her about any health topic or issue they need to address. She is passionate about impacting her patient’s health in a variety of arenas. Whether she is  helping them to feel better, providing lifestyle modifications through diet and exercise plans, helping them set and achieve health goals, preventing disease or explaining something in a new way so patients can better understand, her patients’ happiness and satisfaction is her number one priority.

Ms. Messmer grew up in a small town in Southern, Indiana where she experienced first-hand the importance of contributing to your local community in a positive way. She and her husband, who is originally from Oregon,  decided to move from Denver, Colorado to Bend to raise their son in a smaller city.

Ms. Messmer loves the outdoors. When she’s not in the office she enjoys hiking, snowboarding, fishing and running. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and son, cooking and entertaining for company.

Emily J. Messmer
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