Tariq Salam, MD

As a cardiologist at Summit Health’s Eastside Clinic, Dr. Tariq Salam believes that treating patients as if they were members of his family is a key approach to his patient care. “I am fortunate that I have skills and tools that can potentially cure heart rhythm disorders,” says Dr. Salam. He describes that in cardiology, there have plumbers and electricians, and I am an electrician of the heart. “I treat all heart rhythm disorders from palpitations to life threatening heart rhythms,” Dr. Salam says.  His goal each visit is to listen to his patients and at least understand their woes and guide them on the best available options.

Dr. Salam attended the University of South Florida for medical school. He then went on to complete his residency at the University of Vermont. In addition to patient care, Dr. Salam hopes to share his skills with the Bend community that he has cherished for the last 20 years. When not working, Dr. Salam enjoys cycling through the Pacific Northwest and has also competed 6 marathon races. He is the father of 5 daughters.

Tariq Salam
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