Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Sleeve gastrectomy is one of many treatments Summit Health Bariatrics provides. Sleeve gastrectomy, which can be carried out on its own or in conjunction with gastric bypass surgery, can result in significant weight loss. Any inquiries you may have regarding a sleeve gastrectomy will be gladly addressed by the staff at Summit Health.

With the help of the sleeve gastrectomy weight-loss procedure, the stomach’s size is significantly reduced, which restricts how much food an individual can eat. With a stapling tool, a thin “sleeve” about the size of a banana is created during a procedure known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy, which reduces the size of the stomach. The stomach is removed from the body except for a small portion that is between 70 and 80 percent of its original size. Since the body can digest and absorb food and nutrients after surgery, this bariatric procedure is known as an absorptive procedure. The sleeve gastrectomy procedure cannot be reversed, in contrast to gastric bypass surgery.

Read Michelle’s patient story below to hear how her sleeve gastrectomy procedure changed her life.

My experience with the team at Summit Health has been awesome. Since the beginning of the process for bariatric surgery, Dr. Stephen Archer and his team have been compassionate, educational and thoughtful. Everything from pre-operative nutrition education and guidance with Vanessa Vargas, RD, LD, to having all my questions and concerns with Dr. Archer and the surgery process answered and valued. I wasn’t sure that outpatient surgery would work for me. I had prior health issues but Dr. Archer was so gracious, patient, and understanding. He answered my questions, showed me comparative health data, and calmed my surgery fears. 

On the day of outpatient surgery, I was so nervous, but my nurse, who was with me both preop and postop, was so kind and incredibly knowledgeable. She walked me through what was to come, what we were going to do after surgery and where we needed to be so I could go home the same day. Dr. Archer checked on me that night to make sure I was doing ok and also checked on me the following day. 

The care and compassion of Dr. Archer and his team at Summit Health made this process seamless and easy to navigate. The aftercare has been awesome as well. The journey doesn’t stop with surgery. They make sure you are keeping up on your nutrition, exercise and aftercare for as long as you need.”

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