Meet the Providers

We are a five pediatrician and two pediatric nurse practitioner team. We are all board-certified and care for children of all ages: newborns through adolescents. Nothing is as important to you as your kids. Let’s team together and help them thrive.

Brooks W. Booker, MD

“My promise is to treat your child with the dedicated care and understanding I expect for my own children. Kids are fun and I enjoy working with parents as partners to ensure their good health.” Read full bio »

Kate L. Broadman, MD

“I love the relationships that pediatricians develop with patients and their families, allowing us to provide guidance during times of illness and stress, as well as during routine visits.  I am excited to be part of my patients’ lives and watch them as they grow.” Read full bio »

Michelle R. Mills, MD

“I am dedicated to the preservation of each child’s innocence, to protecting their health and to empowering them to succeed in life. I am honored and humbled by the privilege to care for children. Taking care of children and their families is my passion.” Read full bio »

Jennifer B. Schroeder, MD

“There is something very special about taking care of children. They have such an innocence and joy for life. I am always amazed by how quickly children bounce back from illness. It is an overwhelming feeling to be entrusted with the health of someone’s child.” Read full bio »

Linda A. Steiner, MD

Linda A. Steiner
“I am grateful every day that I chose to specialize in Pediatrics, a field that focuses on growth, development, change and learning. I work with each family to understand the intricate connection of the mind and body and their equal importance in achieving and maintaining health.” Read full bio »

Cassandra Jones, PNP

“As a daughter, wife, mother and PNP, I strongly value the role of the family. My passion lies in developing strong, trusting relationships with patients and their families. I believe that open communication and a good listening ear allow patients and families the environment to cultivate healthy lifestyles.” Read full bio »

Katie Powell, PNP

Katie Powell, PNP
“I love working with kids of all ages. My goal is to help all kids be as healthy, active and happy as possible. I’m also passionate about having the children and families I work with feel comfortable and supported by providing clear explanations of their medical conditions and treatment.” Read full bio »