From losing weight to staving off disease to managing chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and celiac disease, proper diet and exercise can improve your health—and your life. Our on-site Dietitian and exercise experts will act as your “health coach” to help you get healthy and fit –and stay that way.

We’ll begin with an initial consultation to give you a complete overview of your body’s nutritional needs.  Utilizing our laboratory, you can order a full blood analysis including fasting blood glucose and lipid panel to assist the nutrition team in developing your individual dietary and exercise plan.  Body composition analysis is also available to help monitor your progress.

Through subsequent follow-up visits we will help you identify barriers to your success, set goals and create smart strategies to keep you accountable.  Small changes can yield big results.  Just imagine how far you can go!

We are now offering the gold standard with body composition analysis. Read more about our Advanced Body Composition.