Jonathan Cabrera, FNP-C

Jonathan Cabrera, FNP-C, is a Family Medicine provider at Summit Health in Bend. He treats a diverse patient population from infants to older patient populations with situational or idiopathic health concerns.

Jonathan earned his Master’s in Nursing from Bradley University in Illinois. He became passionate about a career in health care because it gives him an opportunity to connect with people while also allowing him an opportunity to be a partner in their health care decisions. “My philosophy is to provide individualized patient centered care. My approach is to listen to the patient and together propose a plan that is informative, goal oriented, and attainable,” Jonathan explains. “I enjoy learning and working in a multidisciplinary collaborative team environment who genuinely cares about the overall health of the community and each other.”

When he is not seeing patients, Jonathan enjoys hobbies such as exercising, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with his wife and four daughters.

Jonathan Cabrera