Katie Kahl, FNP

Katie Kahl, FNP, is a Nurse Practitioner in Internal Medicine at Summit Health at the Old Mill District. She has previous experience in Emergency Medicine and welcomes patients in any stage of life.

Katie completed a Bachelor’s degree at Denver College of Nursing, and later went on to earn her MSN at Frontier Nursing University in Kentucky. She was driven to pursue a career in medicine from her passion of the human body, and her desire to combine her love of math and science.

When describing her approach to patient care, Katie says trust is important to maintain optimal health of a patient. “I would like to create a trusting relationship where the patient and I work together to achieve or maintain their health goals,” she says. “I’d like to make sure we both have a shared goal we can accomplish during the visit, whether that be reviewing lab work, medications or recent imaging, or helping them to understand important screenings they may need.”

When she is not seeing patients, Katie enjoys many outdoor hobbies including camping, mountain biking, and skiing. She enjoys taking her dogs on walks and trying out new recipes. 

Katie Kahl