Mark Burge, MD

Mark Burge, MD, is an Endocrinology provider at Summit Health in Bend. He treats patients of all ages and health backgrounds.

Dr. Burge is a University of Oregon graduate, earning a bachelor’s in Biology. He later went on to attend medical school at OHSU in Portland. He completed his residency at the University of Wisconsin, and his Endocrinology fellowship at the University of New Mexico.

When describing his approach to patient care, Dr. Burge explains how he views himself as a “coach” to his patients, empowering them to better care for themselves. “Joy, kindness, humility, & humor are all important aspects of care for me,” says Dr. Burge. “I want to make sure my patients feel heard.” The relationships that arise through caring for patients is an enjoyable part of a career in health care for Dr. Burge.

When not seeing patients in the clinic, Dr. Burge enjoys playing golf and collecting rock & roll records.

Mark Burge
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