Stefani Rocco, NP

Stefani Rocco, NP, is a Gynecology nurse practitioner at Summit Health in Bend. She cares for women from adolescence to post-menopause and beyond.

Stefani has been a nurse since 2011 and caring for women’s needs since 2012. Gynecology is unique, and as a provider, Stefani gets to share some of the most intimate times with patients and families. “Providing guidance for contraception until the time is just right, promoting health and longevity with routine preventative exams, and helping women thrive through menopause,” she says as she thinks about what is most rewarding in her career. “There is no other specialty and patient population I can imagine caring for.”

Stefani performs almost all aspects of gynecological care including routine preventative exams, contraception, STDs, genital infections, hormone therapy, vulvar skin concerns and many more. She believes in staying up-to-date on best practices and current studies because medicine is everchanging.

Beyond work, Stefani enjoys spending time with her husband mountain biking, skiing, running, or taking their Australian Shepherd out for a stroll. They share a 7-month-old daughter and are excited to watch her grow up in Bend.

Stefani Rocco
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