Glaucoma is a silent disease stealing away the sight of millions in America today. Bend Memorial Clinic is raising awareness of glaucoma and encouraging Central Oregonians to get an annual eye exam.

“Glaucoma can strike anyone – young and old. Most often, there are no symptoms or pain associated with the onset of glaucoma,” according to Robert Mathews, MD, an Ophthalmologist at Bend Memorial Clinic. “As the disease progresses, patients may notice a decrease in side vision and as glaucoma worsens, the field of vision narrows and blindness may occur.”

Glaucoma can be detected through a dilated eye exam with your ophthalmologist or optometrist as part of your annual eye exam. The dilated eye exam shows the physician the inside of eye to check for signs of vision problems along with glaucoma. Glaucoma can be treated with eye drop medication, laser surgery, conventional surgery or a combination of these.

Those at most risk for glaucoma are those individuals with a family history, everyone over the age of 60, African Americans over the age of 40 and Mexican Americans over the age of 60. Those fitting the risk criteria are encouraged to get a dilated eye exam every one to two years.

To schedule an eye exam with BMC’s Ophthalmology and Optometry Department, please call 541-382-4900.

BMC’s Ophthalmology and Optometry Department is conveniently located at all three BMC locations: Bend Eastside Clinic, 1501 NE Medical Center Drive; Bend Old Mill District Clinic, 815 SW Bond Street and Redmond Clinic, 865 SW Veteran’s Way.


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