Hot summer weather and long days spent outside are the perfect combination for bug bites.

But it may be difficult to figure out which type of bug was responsible.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers this primer:

  • Mosquitoes are typically found near water and are attracted to bright colors and sweat. When a mosquito bites, the tell-tale sign is a small, red, itchy mound with a tiny puncture mark near the center.
  • Flies typically are found near food, garbage and animal waste. When a fly bites, it causes a painful, itchy bump that may turn into a small blister.
  • Fleas are commonly found in floors, on rugs and in homes with pets. Their bites are usually identified by multiple small bumps clustered together, often where clothes fit tightly (such as the waist or buttocks).
  • Bedbugs tend to be found in cracks in walls or floors, crevices of furniture and bedding. Their bites are typically itchy red bumps. Bites are more likely to occur at night and in warmer weather.
  • Bees and wasps are usually found near flowers, shrubs, picnic areas or beaches. A sting results in immediate pain and rapid swelling. Some people have severe reactions to bee stings.
  • Ticks are found in wooded areas and may be hidden in hair or on skin. Once a tick bites, it needs to be removed carefully with tweezers.


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