Having trouble thinking of fun activities for your children to participate in as the winter weather hits?  Here are some creative ways for children to play this winter without leaving the yard!

Motor Activities  (fine and gross skills, balance, coordination, grasp, drawing)

  • Make Snow Art
    • Fill squirt bottles with water and various shades of food coloring. Let children draw pictures and messages in the snow.
  • Use Cookie Cutters
    • Bring your cookie cutters outside and let children make fun shapes and “cookies” in the snow.
  • Winter Hopscotch
    • Have the first person create fresh footprints in the snow. The next person will have to follow the footsteps without jumping outside of the original tracks.
  • Play hot potato with a snowball

Sensory Activities  (exploration, investigation, senses: touch, smell taste, sight)

  • Treasure Hunt
    • Before a big snowfall, bury small prizes or a treasure box in the yard (small coolers work nicely). When the snow covers the ground, have children dig to find prizes. Make sure to keep a record of what prizes you have hidden and their location.
  • Look for animal tracks
    • Grab a notebook and go on a winter hike. See how many different animal tacks you can find. Have your kiddo record their findings through pictures, drawings and writings.
  • Make a bird feeder 
    • Use a pine cone, peanut butter and birdseed to make a bird feeder. Use binoculars to check out the different kinds of bird your feeder attracts.
  • Decorate a snow angel
    • Make a snow angel and then have your child decorate it with pine cones, sticks and other items from nature that they can find.
  • Snowflake Viewing
    • Freeze a black sheet of paper. When snow is falling, have children go outside and catch snowflakes on their piece of paper. Then, use a magnifying glass to inspect the differences in each snowflake.





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