We often think of regular maintenance for our cars and homes but often, we wait to until we’re sick to see a doctor. Physicians advise men ages 40-49 get a routine physical exam every two years. The provider will check your blood pressure and cholesterol which are considered silent indicators of heart disease. They may draw blood or request a urinalysis sample to check cholesterol levels, screen for diabetes, or evaluate your risk kidney or thyroid dysfunction and sexually transmitted disease before symptoms occur.

At physical exams, you’ll answer a questionnaire to see if you have low testosterone symptoms which include low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and depression. If you fit the criteria, a simple blood test can determine if you have low testosterone.

Continue monthly testicle exams to detect testicular cancer in its earliest stages.

Also, monthly whole-body skin checks will help catch skin cancer in the early stages. Look for signs of changing moles, freckles or anything else that is new or changing rapidly. Have a friend or partner help you look at areas you can’t see easily.

Comprehensive eye exam should take place every 2-4 years to check for glaucoma, cataracts and general eye health. Hearing screenings should take place every 10 years.

To keep your teeth nice and healthy, it’s best to visit the dentist once a year.

Even healthy men (and women) need to also keep their Tetnus booster updated (every 10 years) to prevent lockjaw, and if you can’t remember the last time you had a tetanus shot – then it might be time to get another one. Current Tetanus shots also include a Pertussis vaccination which help reduce the rate of this disease that is so dangerous to babies.

To schedule a physical exam with a Primary Care Provider (PCP) (Family Medicine or Internal Medicine) call 541-382-4900 or go online.

Recommended health screenings for men at any age:


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