If you really want to change your family’s eating habits, you need to build a healthy kitchen. Here’s how to give your kitchen a makeover.

  • Make a List
    What foods would you like to ensure are in your house? Make a list and bring it to the grocery store.
  • Consider Some Changes
    Could you buy whole-wheat bread instead of white? How about low-fat milk instead of whole milk? You don’t have to make every change right away if you’re not ready. Ease yourself and your family into healthier ingredients one at a time.
  • Do the Math
    How many people are in your family? If each person should eat a minimum of two pieces of fruit per day and there are four in your family, that means you need eight pieces of fruit in your house for a day. Do the same calculation with other food groups so you know how much to buy.
  • Embrace the Can
    Many canned foods retain as much nutrient value as their fresh or frozen counterparts. Choosing canned fruits, vegetables, beans and meats can lighten the burden on your pocketbook and ensure these healthy foods are on hand in a pinch.
  • Change the Environment
    Once you bring your groceries home, make healthy foods more inviting. Fill a fruit bowl with fresh fruit you just purchased. Clean and cut fresh vegetables right away and put them in plastic bags so they are convenient to grab and eat.



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