By Darren Kowalski, MD, FACS  – Surgery / Vein

Although you can’t prevent Varicose Veins from forming, you can prevent the ones you currently have from getting worse. Whether you are simply coming in for a cosmetic vein concern that you wish to be removed, or for a more serious issue with Varicose Veins, Summit Medical Group Oregon is ready to meet your needs and assist you with many treatment options. We are proud to offer our Vein Clinic with many treatment options to meet your needs. In the past, treatment options for varicose and spider veins were limited and unappealing, but times have changed and we are ready to assist you.

Some simple prevention options are:

  • Compression Stockings (to improve circulation)
  • Exercising
  • Watching your weight
  • Avoiding high heals
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Moving around frequently and changing your position often
  • Elevating your legs
  • High-fiber, low-salt diet

There are many types of treatment available for varicose and spider veins. Generally, the smallest veins are injected (Sclerotherapy), and the larger veins are removed or ablated. In the past, removal meant “vein stripping” using a general anesthesia in the hospital setting, however newer techniques are available to ablate the veins in a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. These new techniques and devices have made treatment simpler and more effective.

Summit Medical Group Oregon Vein Treatments:

  1. Closure Procedure – Venefit™ Procedure
  2. Ambulatory Phlebectomy
  3. Sclerotherapy

For more information on these three treatments visit the Vein Treatments page, or feel free to call (541) 706-6506 for an appointment, questions or concerns.


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