By Rose Archer, True You Food Founder + Chef

Happy Happy Happy Spring!

I’m going to guess that even the most die-hard winter fan can’t help smiling at all the growth that is bursting all around us right now. It seems like every tree has new leaves and buds, the frogs have returned to our pond to croak me to sleep and everywhere I look there are daffodils, crocus, and tulips about to show off their rich jewel-like colors.

As a chef spring is an exciting time of year for me knowing that soon there will baby lettuces, radishes, and many other early season delights to prepare and that summer is right behind it! Summer is my absolute favorite time of year! I feel fully alive, the daylight lasts forever, the nights are warm and there is a full-on explosion of options to cook with, savor and enjoy.

The Oregon berries alone make my heart swell. But then the arrival of sun gold cherry tomatoes and crispy greens and baby turnips and juicy baby carrots eaten while standing in front of the farmers market stand……

I feel like I am writing a love story, describing every detail of my new crush.
And in a way I am. I love seasonal produce. A big part of my Food Story is this love of all things the earth miraculously grows every year. I have lots of other beliefs that make up my food story. Like I love ice cream and El Sancho tacos. I don’t eat artificial colors or flavors because I believe they are toxic for my body and they are usually an ingredient in processed foods that I won’t like anyway.

My Food Story is a culmination of my lifetime of eating and cooking. It started when I was a baby and has been added onto every year. I make decisions about what to buy, where to eat out and what to serve to friends and family without even thinking about my deeper Food Story. It’s as natural to me as knowing I love my son.

But what if your Food Story doesn’t feel like a love story? What if it feels like a drama or even a horror story! What if there are beliefs that are painful, unhealthy or simply are not serving you?

Do you have a belief that you hate “healthy food” or that you can’t learn to cook? What if you tell yourself that you are not allowed to eat XYZ? Do you want those things more and then feel shame-filled when you eat them?

I have great news! By taking the time to look at what your Food Story is, you get to decide if you like the story you are telling yourself. Changing your beliefs is really hard, I know. But it can’t even be fathomed if you don’t know what your unconscious beliefs are.

So I am inviting you to look at what is serving you and what is harming you in your Food Story. Then write down a new Food Story. Make it bigger and better than you can even believe is possible. Make outlandish claims like “I am an amazing cook and I have the time to prepare gourmet meals full of delicious seasonal ingredients for myself and my family.”

Do you feel silly? Good! There can be fun and laughter when making big changes! Then take baby steps. Read your new Food Story often. Think about it when making purchases. Ask yourself “How can I make my new Food Story come true?” Changing your beliefs changes everything.

And I’m here to help. Reach out anytime. I can be found on Facebook at True You Food or through the contact page on my website

Love, Rose ?



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