Sleeve Gastrectomy Pricing

At Summit Health, you won’t have to choose between quality and cost. We offer some of the lowest prices in Oregon and the most experienced bariatric surgeons.

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  • Professional Fee (surgeon & assistant) $3,045

    Anesthesiologist Fee $1,631.70

    Bend Surgery Center Fee (no overnight) $7,750

    Total surgery cost = $12,427.70

  • Professional Fee (surgeon & assistant) $3,045

    Anesthesiologist Fee $1,631.70

    Bend Surgery Center Fee $7,750

    Bend Transitional Care Overnight Fee $2,000

    Total surgery cost = $14,427.70
*Self Pay Patients

Payment must be completed with Summit Health at least ten (10) days prior to the scheduled surgery date.

Important Conditions

Gastric Sleeve Same Day Procedures: The prices listed above is based on an uncomplicated laparoscopic procedure where the patient is discharged from the hospital before midnight on the day of surgery. If the patient remains hospitalized beyond midnight on the day of surgery, the Outpatient package price for the procedure is void and converts to the Gastric Sleeve Overnight Procedure Agreement and Pricing. If any days (including the first day) are necessary in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU), the package price is void and the usual and customary charging format is utilized for the entire stay.

Determining Location: The location of the procedure will be decided by Dr. Archer after consulting with the patient to determine medical eligibility

Billing Insurance: The prices listed above only include the surgery itself. Patients will still be responsible for the surgical work up cost as well as any possible post operative complications or possible hospital transfers or extended stays. Insurance can be billed for these additional costs for most patients.