Our goal is to comprehensively evaluate your endocrine issues and offer treatment options that are personalized for you.  We will do everything possible to make your experience with us both satisfying and productive.  We’ve provided some information below to help you partner with us to provide the highest quality care.

We require a referral for all new patient visits.  We encourage our patients to maintain a relationship with a primary care provider for non-endocrine related conditions and general care.  We routinely send a detailed report regarding your evaluation and plan to your referring and primary care providers.

An appointment is required for all visits. If you need to cancel your appointment, we ask that you give us at least 24 hours’ notice. Not showing up for an appointment may result in a no-show fee or dismissal from the practice.

Please bring the following items to all your visits:

• Insurance card and photo ID
• Current medication bottles or a detailed list including doses and timing
• Outside test results related to why we are seeing you
• If you have diabetes, bring your glucometer and/or home blood sugar glucose log

We understand that your time is valuable and will do everything possible to keep appointments on time. If a delay occurs and you are unable to stay for your scheduled appointment, we will gladly reschedule you.

• If you have remaining refills on a prescription, call your pharmacy to order a refill.
• You may request refills during your office visit.
• Please allow 72 hours for your provider to approve refills outside office visits (remember this requires taking time to review your medical record).
• Prescription requests will not be accepted after hours, except for medical emergencies.
• For your safety, we cannot authorize refills if you have not been seen for a planned office visit.

In order to provide you with the best possible care, we commonly order tests that will need to be completed a week-or-two prior to your follow-up appointment.

• Results are briefly reviewed when received and then discussed with you in detail at your scheduled visit. If you miss a visit, please call to reschedule.
• When reviewed, results will be released to your medical record and Summit Health MyChart.
• Occasionally, the result of a test performed outside Summit Health is not received by our providers to review. If you do not hear from us regarding an expected test result, please contact us directly.