Cascade Cancer Care offers comprehensive integrative cancer treatment and coordinates care directly with the Summit Health Cancer Care team. They serve cancer patients throughout their journey, from new diagnosis through active treatment and beyond to recovery and prevention of recurrence.

Integrative Cancer Therapies

When you’re ready to fight, we’re at your side. We provide evidence-based natural therapies that can increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment while protecting your health.

Evidence-based natural cancer therapies can dramatically increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment by changing the environment that the cancer lives in. New research is finding that these “host factors” are as powerful as chemotherapy or radiation, and that lifestyle choices make a big impact on cancer survival. Depending on your situation, Dr. Neubauer may select and support you with interventions that include injection and herbal therapies that target a tumor‘s self-destruct mechanisms, foods that fight cancer, smoking cessation, stress reduction, exercise, weight loss, vitamins, minerals, or hormones. Even more significantly, natural cancer care can help you stay healthier and reduce much of the suffering associated with cancer treatment.

With fewer side effects from chemotherapy or radiation, you have the ability to receive the full doses of treatment, which significantly increases effectiveness.

Natural therapies can also speed healing after surgery and reduce the risk of infection or other complications.

Personalized Medicine

Using individualized lab tests, we can pinpoint your cancer’s weak points. These targets include signals that a tumor uses to grow, nourish itself, make new blood vessels, and spread. These lab results allow us to prescribe innovative natural therapies to address your cancer’s weaknesses.

Some of the Targeted Therapy Options include:

  • Metabolic therapies: ketogenic diet, Metformin, therapeutic fasting
  • Immune therapies: European mistletoe, Chinese and Japanese mushrooms
  • Oxidative therapies: Intravenous vitamin C
  • Anti-inflammatory therapies: Botanicals, nutrients, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Nutritional therapies: IV and oral nutrition, specialized diets

Katherine Neubauer

Katherine Neubauer