Summit Health Genetic Risk Counseling

Inherited gene mutations are thought to play a role in up to 10% of all cancer diagnoses. Identifying patients with a genetic risk for cancer may inform recommendations for cancer screening, risk reducing medications and procedures, and lifestyle factors to protect against cancer.

Summit Health nurse practitioner, Tamarind Keating, AOCNP, MPH can evaluate your patient’s family history and educate them about their risks for inherited cancer. Patients will be counseled about the risks and benefits of genetic testing with recommendations for testing when appropriate. Results will be reviewed in detail with discussion about family and reproductive implications as well as screening and management guidelines for those at increased risk.

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommends referring patients for genetic risk assessment if there is a:

  • Family history of known pathogenic mutation
  • Family history of breast cancer
    • A family member less than 50 years old diagnosed with breast cancer
    • Any combination of breast, ovarian, pancreatic and/or prostate cancer in one lineage
    • Three or more breast cancer diagnoses in one lineage
    • Male breast cancer
  • First degree relative with exocrine pancreatic cancer
  • Family member with epithelial ovarian cancer
  • First degree relative with metastatic prostate cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
    • Family member less than 50 years old with colorectal or endometrial cancer diagnosis
    • Two or more family members with colorectal or endometrial cancer at any age
    • Personal or family history of 10 or more adenomatous polyps, or two or more hamartomatous polyps, or five or more serrated polyps

Genetic testing costs a maximum of $250 out of pocket and is offered for no cost for patients with Medicare or Medicaid insurance coverage.

To refer a patient for cancer genetic risk counseling, submit a consult to Summit Health Oncology.

For any questions or clinical concerns, please reach out directly:

Tamarind Keating, AOCNP, MPH

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