Earlier this year, Dr. Brian Desmond embarked on his second trip to Nuevo Progresso, Guatemala to help people in the community in need of cataract surgery. He and his team worked in Hospital De La Familia. He was accompanied by Dr. Jeff Carlsen from Tennessee with his two ophthalmic technicians, Dr. Nancy Bonnetto, Dr. Jennifer Keady, Dr. Shannon Lutz, and Courtney Ringer ophthalmic technician from Bend Memorial Clinic along with twenty four other medical staff from Central Oregon. They worked long hours, many days were 12+ hours in the operating room. Their goal was to help as many patients as they could in the small amount of time they had.

One of the most memorable patients they helped was a seventeen year old girl who suffered from cataracts in both eyes. Prior to the procedure she was only able to count fingers that were directly in front of her,  after undergoing cataract surgery in both eyes she was able to see 20/30! This was an especially exciting moment for us when we removed the patches and saw her reaction.

After seven days of surgeries Dr. Desmond and Dr. Carlsen ended up performing 74 cataract surgeries and a variety of other procedures. The patients were very appreciative sometimes waiting hours, even days, to be seen and have surgery. They gave  many thanks and hugs to Dr. Desmond and his staff. Dr. Desmond’s goal is to return within the next two years.


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