“I started my journey with Summit Medical Group Oregon (SMGOR) Weight Management to get healthy and lose weight in March of 2017 at 273 pounds. I wanted to lose weight to be able to care for myself and my husband in our golden years. Up until my mid-40’s, I was always very slender and well-kept. I experienced various upheavals at that time in my life that didn’t jive with my previous self and my health and appearance paid the cost. I knew that it was time to get back to my old self again.

Initially, I contacted my insurance company and  found out that I was eligible for a bariatric surgery procedure. I went to see Dr. Archer  and after thorough review of my health, I was accepted into his program.

I began by attending  a free informational seminar on  bariatric surgery presented by Dr. Archer. Throughout the duration of the program, I participated in a sleep study, went in for a physiologic evaluation, and saw the SMOR nutritionist over a period of time. Keeping all these appointments was instrumental to my success. I was particularly interested by the physiologic evaluation because it allowed me investigate the factors that contributed to my relationship with food and helped me to arrive at the root cause of my problem. I found out that I was an emotional eater.  With the guidance of my nutritionist, Vanessa Cobarrubia, we compiled a list of my particular trigger foods to avoid.  I almost completely eliminated sugar from my diet and I have never felt better.

From March to the date of my surgery, I lost 18 pounds on my own. My surgery date was 8-8-17, and I have now lost a total of 93 pounds and 59.5 inches.

Bariatric sleeve gastrostomy has changed my life. I have more energy, can sleep through the night, have lowered my blood pressure, feel more confident and overall feel much healthier. I am active and now able to care for my husband’s needs without a struggle.

I can’t thank  Dr. Archer and his weight management team enough for helping me attain a healthy, fit lifestyle and changing my life.”



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