Written by Darren Kowalski, MD

Venous insufficiency is a condition whereby our veins do not return blood back to the heart efficiently.  This is usually due to breakdown of the small valves we all have in our veins to help guide the blood against gravity up the leg. This results in enlargement of the veins followed then by symptoms such as heaviness, aching, itching, restless leg symptoms at night and many other symptoms.  This is very common and can affect up to 40% of all adults at some point in their lives.  Fortunately, we have many options for treatment which are extraordinarily effective.  These treatments are covered by most health insurance carriers.

The latest technology gaining widespread use is Venaseal.  Venaseal is a medical adhesive very similar to superglue which is directed and placed inside the vein with a very small catheter. The adhesive is delivered sequentially down the entirety of an abnormal vein to effectively glue it together and prevent backwards flow within the affected vein.  The procedure takes about an hour to be performed and is done in the office with no sedation and only a small area of local anesthetic needed to access the vein in the lower leg.  There is no downtime for patients and they can resume activities that same day even skiing or running later that day if so desired.

Please contact the Summit Health Vein Clinic at 541-706-6506 for more information or a free evaluation to see if you suffer from varicose vein problems and might be a candidate for either Venaseal or one of our many other treatment options.