Summer vacation is the perfect time to head out on various adventures. Whether you’re heading out to grandma and grandpa’s or touring the National Parks, check out these tips to make the road trip easier for everyone.

1. Plan the bulk of your traveling in the early morning or late night: 

Especially for younger children, driving in the early morning or late night means sleep. This will break up the time they are awake so that the trip doesn’t seem so long and can provide you with some peaceful hours of inactivity.

2.Bring healthy, car-friendly snacks: 

Fight the temptation of drive-thru restaurants by packing healthy snacks for your children to eat in the car. Some healthy snacks are: sliced apples and peanut butter, pita slices and hummus, carrot and celery sticks, granola bars and  pre-made sandwiches. Pack a special treat for your child that might not be in their typical lunch box.

3. Plan crafts and car games: 

Try to reduce screen time by bringing pipe cleaners, crayons and coloring books, story books, friendship bracelets, etc. You will be surprised at how much imagination your child has when you ask them to tell you a story, play eye spy or license plate games etc. Use this opportunity to bond with your child and find out what’s on their minds. Allowing them a special treat,like a new game or toy, can also help them remain occupied and content.

4. Stop for breaks:

 Do your research and plan roadside attractions ahead of time. Scenic picnic locations in state parks can provide a great spot to stop and have lunch. Museums, interesting towns, lakes or rest areas provide your children the chance to stretch their legs and break up the monotony of long drives




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