Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCare staff and providers are delivering at Bend Memorial Clinic. These compliments come from our customers and staff.

“The on duty doctor and nursing staff in Urgent Care were just excellent.

Dr. Williams and his staff were amazing. soo sweet. I came in with a really bad asthma problem and they not only treated me, but also watched my kids so that I could receive a treatment. So sweet!!! I loved the kid friendly office with sugar free lollipops, coloring books and really patient staff. Of course Dr. Williams knowledge, and the way he really listens to his patients was SOOO MUCH appreciated!!! Thanks a million!”

“I have seen many doctors in my life, especially over the past 7 years. I have seen some very good providers, but one stands out above the rest. She has been an advocate for me, and has made me feel like I matter. She LISTENS to me. She believes me. I owe her my life, and am SO appreciative and feel so secure knowing that my medical care is in her hands. I believe so often that we are quick to write notes of complaint, but sometimes we forget to write notes of appreciation. I wanted to take this opportunity to write a note of appreciation for Dr. Oppenheimer. Her, her nurse and the staff are just wonderful. I know when I go to see her that she will listen to what is going on, and I completely trust her. I have never felt that kind of trust for a medical provider before. Thank you.”

“Dr. Emerson was gentle and kind, very helpful and gave me a lot of information so I could make an informed decision. She made suggestions before the procedure which worked to help me get through it comfortably with different doctors, I suffered, but not here, it was a good experience.”

“I had an infusion last week and just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the care that Julie Molin the nurse provided in the infusion room. She was attentive to all the patients and kept very busy. Her job is challenging because she has a lot of patients to divide her attention among. She definitely tries to make the experience as good as possible for her patients. Thank you Julie!!”


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