It gives me great pride to share with you examples of how each of you is positively impacting our customers’ lives.  Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCareTM staff and providers at BMC.  Keep up the great work!

  • “Thank you to Anna Martin for referral to Dr. Parker-excellent. Then to Gastroenterology-Erik Bogue and Dr. Ferrin. EGD at Bend Surgery Center with Dr. Holloway-excellent.  Ph Motility with Dr. Christante. Joanne Smith in Gastroenterology for special attentiveness and asset with her knowledge and assistance. Thank you everyone at BMC for a positive experience. Front desk also very helpful! God Bless each of you for your care.”
  • “Thank you so much, Dr. Peters and staff, for the warm respect and understanding with my 91 year old mother.” Another read “We were very happy with everyone, you explained all our questions. Thank you for all your hospitality, you all were awesome.”
  • Thank you for caring for us Dr. Warlick, we so appreciate the times spent with us.  Thank you Ellen Jakab for your smile, it goes a very long way.”
  • Dr. Heather West, Dr. Braich and the entire Oncology and Infusion room staff. My mother, who passed away recently, had nothing but gratitude for you all.  She was especially fond of you Dr. West having said on a number of occasions that “she has been practically family” to her.  You are all very skilled, your compassion real, and your ability to make a difference in people’s lives is extraordinary.  You are all top notch and my family thanks you for it.
  • I rec’d a phone call from a patient who saw Jay O’Brien, PA. She phoned to tell him Thank You. She said everything was handled very well and she is doing much better. She said that Jay O’Brien was so nice when she was here and just called to thank him and tell him she is doing much better.
  • When I got in this morning I had a lovely voice mail from a patient who wanted to pass along a compliment to let us know what a terrific job Jess Morgan (Customer Service) was doing. She said, Jess was “marvelous”, “helped me in every way she possibly could”, and said she “could hear the concern” in Jess’s voice on the phone.
  • Urgent Care Staff, this is a note to tell you how thankful I am for the prompt way you took care of me.  I came in (visiting from Georgia), very sick, and received wonderful, fast care.”
  • “Since 1993 we have been patients at BMC, being seen by a variety of your staff doctors.  I want to tell you how we appreciate Barbara Martin, Patient Assistance.  She is very proficient in her role of helping us as we age and need attention.”
  • Dr. Heather West, and your Oncology staff, thank you so much for the care given to my brother, God bless.”
  • “First time in Urgent Care, they were all so quick and very friendly, thank you so much!”
  • “Dear Carole Christensen (Clinical Scheduling Coordinator).  I’m so touched by your amazing compassion. You made me feel like family with all the favors you pulled, phone calls, and rescheduling you did.  Keep smiling.”
  • Jessica Bentley in the lab is exceptionally pleasant, reassuring and very gentle.”
  • I took a phone call today from a patient Isaiah Thompson has spoken with yesterday and today. This patient was termed from BMC a few years back and was inquiring about how to go about requesting reinstatement. Isaiah took time to research her account so he could provide her with the correct information. She said Isaiah Thompson is, “exceptional in his service”, “He went to the next step” instead of just telling her that unfortunately her file indicates she has been terminated from service. She said, “he went way out of his way to help me”. She is writing a letter to request reinstatement now that she knows this is the correct step to take. Kudos to Isaiah for providing Total Customer Care!!
  • “I just wanted to personally say *THANK YOU* for the absolutely SEAMLESS and EXCEPTIONAL work that Greg McDonald, Scott Beaton and Diego Molina provided for the Courtney building over the weekend and then at 6am this morning with our big department moves! They were all so very helpful, and never once let us down and even went above and beyond! It’s a good feeling to know that BMC has such FANTASTIC employees as these 3 are!”
  • Thank you to all the staff, Dr. Schmidt, and the girls in infusion.”
  • “This is a note in appreciation of the service I received at BMC, specifically the staff of the Urgent Care Unit and Dr. Clemens and Dr. Walling.  Even though I am without money, an income, or insurance, I was treated with kindness and courtesy.  At my surgery follow-up meeting, Dr. Walling repeated several times that her main concern was the health and wellbeing of me and her other patients.  I am doing very well now and owe your medical center and staff a great deal more than money – Thank you.”
  • Thank you to Carole Christensen and Amber Tolli who went above and beyond the call of duty to come in early so I could get an ultrasound. Not only are all of you in Surgery amazing, you’re really kind and caring, and that is rare these days.  I am speaking from experience as I’ve had 8 surgeries.
  • “I would like to take a moment to tell you about a good experience we had with two members of BMC.  We are so grateful for how Ellen Borland went out of her way to help us.  She paved the way for us in the ER and came over to see us after she was off work. The following morning, Dr. Cantor performed a procedure and followed up with visits to our room to give us full explanations.  I think it is important to relay how pleased we are to have gotten such wonderful care from both Ellen and Dr. Cantor.”
  • “Thank you to all the BMC staff for the recent visit my husband and I had to make to your Urgent Care Clinic, all the staff was so kind and so helpful. We were very impressed with Dr. Ponte as well she is an amazing provider and I want it to be known that BMC will be first choice for care from here on out.”

  • My son was in UCC with a broken thumb and needed an orthopedic referral as soon as possible.  Kathy Hisel was right on it, set up the appointment and was very pleasant and helpful – thanks Kathy!
  • Dr. Beard if I ever need surgery again I hope you will be my doctor! Thank you so much for your expertise. I haven’t had one pain from the surgery and I think that is amazing!”
  • “I am writing to let you know how much I appreciated the medical and reception staff I came into contact with. Not being from the area, Eve Alaya at the reception desk helped me with directions prior to my arrival.  Lehua Parker, RN, Jeff Caba, PA and Kevin Larson, in Radiology, were all professional yet pleasant to work with.  I very much appreciate all your medical facility provided me with that day.”

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