Below is a timeline of suggested visits and what to expect during your child’s first visits with your Summit Health pediatrician.

Two weeks

At this visit, we’ll check on bonding, growth, and development, and answer any questions you may have about your baby. There will be no immunizations at this time.

Two months

During this visit, we’ll look at growth and development, and answer questions about sleep and behavior. We’ll discuss feeding and questions about returning to work (if applicable). Your baby’s first round of immunizations are recommended.

Four months

We’ll continue to check on growth and development, and also discuss solid foods, baby proofing, and developing a healthy sleep routine. The second round of immunizations are recommended during this visit.

Six months

At this visit, we’ll check on growth, development and progress on milestones. We’ll talk about solid foods, sleep habits, continued baby proofing and offer insight on your infant’s behavior and temperament. The third round of immunizations are recommended.

Nine months

We’ll continue evaluation of growth and development, and talk about the introduction of table food, infant self-feeding, sleep habits and routine. We may need to draw your child’s blood to check for anemia at this time. Typically, there will be no immunizations during this visit.

12 months

During this visit, we’ll check for milestone development and also talk about introducing cow’s milk to your infant, as well as discipline conversation. Time for another round of recommended immunizations.

15 months

Developmental milestones will again be assessed. Growth will be evaluated. Discussion and support of the toddler’s behavior will begin. Next round of immunizations are due.

18 months

Growth and development will be checked again, and we’ll also discuss potty training, age-appropriate discipline, and your child’s speech development. Immunizations are again recommended.

24 months

Milestones will be monitored, and we’ll talk with you about potty training progress, age-appropriate discipline, and your child’s speech development. The final set of infant/toddler immunizations are typically done at this time.

30 months

At this visit, we will focus on toilet training and behavior management. We will also talk about development and ways you can support your toddler. Growth is again evaluated.

36 months

We’ll continue to monitor growth, development, and progress on milestones, as well as language development, activities your child enjoys, and potty training. We’ll check your toddler’s blood pressure as well.