It gives me great pride to share with you examples of how each of you is positively impacting our customers’ lives.  Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCareTM staff and providers at BMC.  Keep up the great work!

  • We are so thankful for the Pediatric Doctors and their staff, every time we call they are all so kind and that means the world to me.  Last month we saw Dr. Warton and she was amazing, so caring and loving to my babies.  Kristen Dahmer, Jillian Daniels, and Diana Schaan are also the Best! And of course, we love Dr. Mills.  Thank you all for giving 100% to our little people and the best advice to moms when we need your help.
  • “Thank you Laurie Rice, we so appreciate your wonderful care of ALL of us.”
  • I want to thank Dr. Arrington, Jessica Mortensen and Lydia Pease for the wonderful care they have given me over this last year.  Out of all the medical people that have taken care of me, they have been the best.  No matter what my problem is they help me get it taken care of.  I just wanted to say thank you for being the best medical staff one could ask for.
  • Chris Brin in Facilities handles every concern at west location; he expedites repairs or replacement of items. I’ve watched him fetch the keys out of the storm drain and even help patient with their car issues. What a person to have help us and our patients. Francisco Benitez, also with Facilities, is also a great employee to have. He checks with us before he leaves the location and expedites deliveries and I have watched him walking down the side walk and open the automatic door for any patients approaching the door especially our elderly patients. What great people to have on staff at BMC.”
  • A patient who is new to BMC called noting that they only need to come in for a wellness check and stated that Ray DeLosAngeles and others  in the Appointment Center, had done a fantastic job.  The patient said that every person they have spoken to is so polite and always goes the extra mile and that they truly know what customer service means.  The patient went on to say this was the first time in their life they had a positive experience in scheduling an appointment and also added that Starla Joyner has done a fantastic job in training the department.
  • I just wanted to say thank Heather Haniford for her efforts on resolving a patient complaint in a situation with the lab and patient needing their blood drawn, etc.  I appreciated that she not only followed up with the patient/family, but also with the lab personnel to empower them with correct information going forward. Well Done!
  • “Dear Mt. Bachelor Team, Thank you so much for taking good care of me last week with my ski accident.  Brian, and Tyler with ski patrol, Jay O’Brien, UCC PA, and all the nurses and volunteers that got me water and blankets, moral support and off-wheeling in the wheelchair! It helped a lot to know people care.  I was in good hands.  You guys are great.  Thanks again.”
  • “The service in Urgent Care was fast; I waited a very short time.  Kate Fosburg, RN and Casey Osborne-Rodhouse, PA were awesome!”
  • “We live in Bend part time.  My oncologist and cardiologist are in Washington.  Every single time we have come for blood tests needed with “travel/standing” orders from the above doctors…the procedure including faxes, communication to me, wait time, and etc. have all been examples of superior service and professionalism.  I’d like to especially thank Judy Bradbury and Rachelle Bays for ensuring all went smoothly.  -Thanks BMC!”
  • Dr. Kowalski did two surgeries on my child which had to be done prior to joining the Navy.  We are so grateful for Dr. Kowalski in getting the surgeries scheduled quickly and expertly and now our child can move forward on their career path, we are so very grateful.”
  • “Ellen Jakab is Wonderful!  She is always full of smiles and joy.  She has a great attitude and is professional.  She is a real 1st round draft choice.”
  • “I am writing this note to thank Terri Brinkley and Mardel Swindlehurst for taking the time to meet with me to discuss my account.  Needless to say, the situation with my bill and my insurance company is very upsetting to me; but you both were so kind and patient that it made me cry (and I’m not a crier).  Thank you.”
  • Dr. Hans Russell is a very caring and understanding doctor.  Myself, my spouse and our child all see him.  He is a wonderful family physician and we would recommend him to other families.  His diagnoses and suggestions are very accurate and help us tremendously.  All questions are answered, and his nurse Karen Olsen is the same.
  • “Dr. Wendel, you and your nurses Jenn Smith and Breah Bollom were so caring and compassionate while I was in Urgent Care. You were very patient with me, explaining and answering questions.  While being diagnosed for my fainting, you found a tumor attached to my appendix, that I’ve since had removed.  Your thoroughness may have helped save my life.  I am so grateful for all that you and your nurses have done.”
  • “Dr. Purvis was great, very little wait time; we were treated courteously, timely and professionally.”

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