Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCare staff and providers are delivering at Bend Memorial Clinic. These compliments come from our customers and staff.

“I arrived at Urgent Care Westside and waited only five minutes before I was examined by a PA. He made a quick and accurate diagnosis, then scheduled an appointment with a surgeon, Dr. Dara Christante. After another short wait, I was taken to an examination room where Dr. Christante arrived less than five minutes later to examine me. She finished the minor surgical procedure about 30 minutes later and I was discharged. I was impressed by the patient-friendly attitudes of all the BMC employees I encountered that day. I was especially impressed by Dr. Christante; she was cordial, professional and informative. She made me feel very comfortable and very confident in her abilities. Moreover, she seems to possess a degree of humility that we don’t always see with surgeons.

“I want to thank Dr. Peters, Ann Reitan, and Karen Carsen, for the warm, professional, and caring treatment I received yesterday when I had the Mohs surgery. I am in no pain at all today, Thank you again for your wonderful care. I have seldom felt as well cared for by any medical personnel, and I appreciate it very much.

A wife of a patient wanted to express “sincere, deep seated appreciation for what a good doctor Dr. Jason West is.” She noted “Dr. West went far and beyond being just a doctor and the world is a better place because of people like him.”

I just was talking with a patient on a billing issue when the patient mention what a “fantastic employee Barbara Martin is” The patient said she is “fantastic with her follow through and follow up, she always has a smile, super polite, and is the best person BMC has had in that department in years.”

“Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate all the work the Environmental Service Team does to keep the clinic so clean and orderly. The stairwells are a great example. They are very clean and smell so much better. I hope that everyone who uses them appreciates all the hard work it took to get them so clean and will make an effort to keep them that way.”

“I was very pleased with Rachelle Bays’s responsive attitude to my concerns over poor service. She was wonderful at listening and addressing my complaint. I also want to rave about Dr. Rhode. She has been my doctor for a long time and I love her, she is such a professional doctor with a wonderful human side, she consults with me, offers opinions and makes suggestions. My conclusion is that I had an unpleased experience, but the staff was responsive and handled it very well.”

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