Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCare staff and providers are delivering at Bend Memorial Clinic. These compliments come from our customers and staff.

“Dr. Colella is the best doctor I have seen. He is very compassionate, took a lot of extra time to explain all the different issues of having a leg amputation. He came to the hospital on his day off to do the discharge and make sure all was well and that I completely understood the instructions. “I know you hear a lot of the negative, so I felt like BMC needed to know what a fantastic doctor they have in Dr. Colella”

“There is doing your job well…and then there is Dr. Warlick and Ellen Jakab . You two are wonderful and I’m so grateful to you both. I feel like a new person today and yesterday I wanted to die so thanks and God bless.”

“What a pleasure to meet Julie Molin in the infusion center. She explained the procedure very well and made me feel like, that to her, I was important and she was there to help me and not to hurry through the procedure and “move to the next one.”

“I can’t thank Dr. Wendel enough for helping me yesterday, he listened to me, didn’t make me wait forever to see him and I felt safe. I have been to St. Charles Immediate Care and it’s got nothing on you guys. There was also a male nurse who was just out of this world professional, compassionate and I will be raving to friends and family about you guys. Again, thank you.”

“I’ve been to the lab about 6 times this year, early at 7-7:30 am. The people were always helpful, friendly, smiling, careful, professional and cheerful. Very different from other labs. I am very pleased with their service.”

“Tonya Yeazell (from BLINK Optical), Thank you so much for taking the time yesterday to check the Rx in my three pairs of glasses…..and for documenting your findings so that I can get them corrected. You are an above and beyond person!”

“Shaena Ivey in Dr. Roger’s office was VERY helpful.”


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