It gives me great pride to share with you examples of how each of you is positively impacting our customers’ lives.  Below are portions of recent emails or letters complimenting the excellent TotalCareTM staff and providers at BMC.  Keep up the great work!

  • “A patient for over 14 years recently had a billing issue that wasn’t getting resolved; they came to the clinic and spoke to Lorraine Hudson TCCC rep at the main clinic.  The patient wanted to let us know that she was great, took the time to explain and go over their entire account, and assured the patient that she would take care of the follow up that was needed. The patient wanted to let BMC know what a good employee we have.”
  • “Just wanted to make you aware of Kasey Proctor going above and beyond regarding a patient.  She wasn’t sure who to contact or even if she needed to notify anyone, but she decided to make a call anyway to let me know that a patient was checking in and recently lost their insurance.  This saved the patient and the clinic about $7500 worth of costs and services.  Kasey was able to get the needed information to the patient so they could start the drug assistance process to help continue treatment.  – So very helpful with just a quick phone call!”
  • Thank you Dr. Lutz, although I’m a bit anemic, I’m still alive and still fighting hard.  Keep up the good work.
  • “Had to drop a note to say that Dr. Fan is not only a grand doctor, but a most caring person as well.  Additionally, Thank you for your attentive phone calls with my friend, you are in a league by yourself.”
  • “I had developed a floater in my left eye and a week after my first appointment with Dr. Desmond; I developed a floater in my right eye.  I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Desmond to check the floater in my right eye. I expected to be OK, but Dr. Desmond found something that he wanted Dr. O’Connor to check out. Since I was leaving in a few days for 3-weeks, Dr. O’Connor made time to fit me in. Dr. O’Connor found a small tear in my retina and did laser surgery to repair it. I have a feeling he did it during his lunch hour. I want to thank Dr. Desmond for his diligence in finding and questioning the tear and to Dr. O’Connor for examining my eye and doing the laser surgery so quickly. The care and expertise of Dr. Desmond and Dr. O’Connor is very much appreciated. They are great examples of the many fine doctors at BMC. The staff in Ophthalmology was also wonderful and caring. I felt very well cared for. Thank you.”
  • We were impressed with Melis DeBacker Ramsey and getting our drug testing set up through BMC, she was really helpful and made it very easy! – Thanks so much!”
  • “The entire staff and Dr. Pinnick were so wonderfully amazing to both my parents during my father’s hyperbaric treatments. My mom was in the waiting room for every appointment and everyone treated her so great and even brought her food and drink!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
  • A patient stated that they considered moving out of Bend, but one of the top reasons to stay was BMC, Dr. Boggess and his nurse assistant, Summer Burkhardt.  The patient further said that “in the past 3 years they have lived in Bend, Dr. Boggess and his assistant-along with the larger BMC crew-have taken care of their medical questions and worries, as well as their general health so very well that they simply couldn’t leave or imagine finding this level of health care elsewhere.”
  • I want to thank Dr. Purvis for the time she spent with me; I was very comfortable with our conversation and really feel I have found the right primary care physician.  I want to thank Dr. Purvis also for taking me on as a patient. I hope our relationship will be long, productive, and mutually enjoyable.  I feel more comfortable and optimistic than I have in a long time.
  • A big Thank You! to Barbara Martin, RX Assistance Program Coordinator.  We would like to express our appreciation for her assistance to us over the last several years.  Barbara has always been gracious, professional, cooperative, and understanding. In a world that is confusing enough and difficult to understand, BMC has done itself proud to have developed this special department and positioned Barbara in it as coordinator.  We will be leaving this program now, as we both have Medicare coverage and are no longer eligible for this assistance, but it has meant a lot to us by enabling us to continue with an uninterrupted source of essential medications.  With great respect for both Barbara Martin and BMC, we thank you.”
  • Thank you Dr. Peters and staff – I could not have been treated better.  All the smiles make the visits worthwhile.  Thank you for turning an unpleasant necessity into a pleasant experience.  You are all very competent and caring.  You all make my visits here as pleasant as possible and I appreciate that.
  • “We have had the opportunity to be served by Melis DeBacker Ramsey for the past few years and I wish to give you some input as to her customer service performance.  Melis has always been extremely helpful with our pre-employment drug screening needs.  She sets a very good example of the true spirit of customer service and represents your business well.  On rare occasions I may request information that requires her to search for answers and never, ever has she made me feel like I’m inconveniencing her, but rather conveys that it is her pleasure to assist me.  I would sincerely like to thank you and BMC for giving us the opportunity to work with such a professional, kind, and extremely helpful employee.  In an environment where I fully understand the challenges of employee management, I want you to know that as a customer, I tremendously value Melis and her level of service!”
  • I just called to confirm an appointment with a patient. She asked if I was in the Appointment Center. When I said yes, she said “I just want you to know how great all of you are, every time I call there, or someone calls me from there, they are always so NICE!
  • “Thank you Paula Yeakey for going above and beyond!”

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