Support groups are designed to provide encouragement and education for patients both before and after bariatric surgery. These support groups are integral to helping you succeed and maintain your weight loss goals. Each meeting includes an opportunity for individual sharing, a discussion topic and an opportunity to ask questions.

Please join Vanessa Cobarrubia, RD for free monthly bariatric support group sessions. These support groups are open to pre and post-operative bariatric patients. Bariatric support groups provide participants with an opportunity to discuss their weight loss surgery story with others on a similar journey, non-judgement space to share experiences and concerns, obtain up-to-date evidence based nutrition education from our bariatric dietitian, emotional support, and much more.

Other Resources

Bariatric surgery occurs at St. Charles. We work closely with St. Charles’s Bariatric Group.

St. Charles Nutrition & Diabetes Classes

(541) 706-6390

St. Charles Community Education Classes

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Additional Contact Information

LuAnn Lehnertz, RD, LD, CDE
Nutrition & Diabetes
(541) 548-8131 ext. 2838

Karen Campbell, PhD
Outpatient Psychology
(541) 706-7730

Stacey Rice
Bariatric Nurse Navigator
(541) 706-4970